Jennie Marino


The War of the Roses

An episodic 10 part mini drama in the life of Broadway props and the people who love them. The following thread is real, edited to protect, but published to entertain.   From: (irate tour guy) To: (my supervisor) Today I received an invoice for one new heavy duty Red Rose Bouquet that (name withheld) ordered. I am well aware of the fact that specialty items take time and are therefore more expensive than you would expect. This invoice is for $875.00. That is insulting and a joke.  How do they have the nerve to send that bill - let alone to a client who already spends a lot of money with them.  Am I crazy? Are they crazy?  Should I go in to the prop building business - cause I know I can build that bouquet for under $100. Anyway, before I simply pay th

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